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  • Vendor management for COTS implementations and sourcing of COTS/GOTS packages to enhance or replace software at the end of its life cycle.

  • ERP is an attempt to plan the integration of systems and software applications so that an organization’s data generated by ad hoc resources can be stored and accessed over a single platform.

  • Project and program management consulting services. SDLC and proprietary methodology Wendi used for implementation process management and software development. Outsourcing via offshore partners

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  • We manage outsourced projects at our partner facility in the Philippines.

  • All IT projects begin with the Project Management Life Cycle which at a later stage converges with the System Development Life Cycle.

  • We establish, manage and refurbish PMOs and align them with a client's business and IT functional areas.

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  • We manage our clients' IT initiatives and deploy our methodology to create the Functional Spec to augment the Agile and Waterfall approaches.

  • Business process improvement and QA review service to augment business processes, gather user requirements, create test plans, training plans, implementation plans to augment the rollout initiative.

  • This web page describes our RFP and Proposal writing service.

  • IT project management and consulting services

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  • Structured Analysis is primarily concerned with a new kind of Functional Specification: the Structured Specification. The difference between the two is that the Functional Specification describes automated procedures by a text narrative, whereas a Structured Specification is graphical.

  • There is some confusion in the IT world when it comes to differentiating between a System Test and User Acceptance Testing.

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  • A User Acceptance Test ensures that the Application addresses and satisfies the Business Requirements and the Workflows.

  • Methodology can be used in Agile/Scrum to define iterations from the Functional Specification