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Most Quality Assurance and Assessment efforts we undertake for our clients begin with a QA Review of their current IT environment and program, project and software portfolios.

A QA Review may be commissioned by a client for several reasons:


Prior to creating an annual IT Maintenance budget, a client may want to assess the effectiveness and benefits of continuing to carry specific functional areas within their IT organization.

Gauge the proximity of their IT organization to Industry Best Practice. 

Identify gaps in existing Methodologies, Standard Operating Procedures, Coding Standards and Workflows.

Review environmental stability and gauge the optimum Level of Effort to be expended on projects to realize the highest possible ROI.

Streamline software portfolios.

Identify and streamline Business Processes and Workflows.

Monitor a Vendor Application Implementation to ensure the vendor observes Industry Best Practices.

Perform a QA Review as part of a PMO refurbishment exercise.