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Based on the present direction of the IT industry, our firm belief is that a PMO should always be positioned to play a pivotal role in any IT organization. Towards that end we render our service, as a direct response to your specific needs or as a result of our findings during a QA Review of your IT environment.


v       We specialize in building and establishing PMOs from the ground up which could include a reorganization of your department, creating and updating a Communications Plan, assisting you with managing the culture change, creating an industry standard Methodology and project management artifacts & templates; in other words, a complete PMO portfolio. We also offer to take on the responsibility to run the PMO and train your senior project managers as part of the required knowledge transfer process.


v       We can also conduct a Feasibility Study and perform a QA Review of your IT organization and recommend any necessary changes and upgrades to your PMO.


v      As an ongoing SLA maintenance effort we upgrade our clients’ PMO environments with the latest industry trends.