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ERP is an attempt to plan the integration of systems and software applications so that an organization’s data generated by ad hoc resources can be stored and accessed over a single platform. We recommend a data warehouse as central to any ERP effort. Alternately, several optimized and collaborative databases whose overall design is based on an enterprise data model may be implemented to provide the same functionality. Materials Management, Finance, Sales, Order Management, Supply Chain Management and Customer Relationship Management are some of the satellite application modules that access and manipulate stored data. The new data that results from such manipulation provides the business intelligence that will ultimately support business decisions.  


We manage data warehouse construction projects and all activities associated with creating an Enterprise Data Model through our offshore partners. Our goal is to ready a client’s enterprise so that they can then choose the appropriate ERP COTS package for implementation. We can conduct a market search as an extension of our COTS Implementation services to locate and recommend the vendor application and if the client so desires, participate in its implementation.


We can also provide product experts asan ongoing Maintenance effort through our offshore partners for business users of Oracle Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Applications such as Oracle Financials, Oracle Supply Chain etc. to assist them in their day-to-day operations. 


The product experts’ services also extend to the following support and remediation areas:


Call Center type concerns

Troubleshooting specific application problems

Ad-hoc programming requests

Ad-hoc reports

Ad-hoc implementation of business rules requirements

Performance optimization, Upgrades, etc...


We establish offshore/onshore communication lines with our clients via phone/email/IM/video-con. We also provide the ability to observe users’ problems in Real Time by directly accessing their computer screens via CITRIX, Logmein, Teamviewer, etc. and provide on-the-spot solutions.